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Dronery - Looking Up to DeliveriesDronery - Looking Up to DeliveriesDronery - Looking Up to Deliveries
Dronery - Looking Up to Deliveries

About Us


Dronery is a leading drone delivery and transportation company that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver packages and transport goods quickly, safely, and efficiently. We are a subsidiary company of Cando Drones LTD which is a mature drone services company with years of experience in the industry. Our team is made up of experts in drone technology, logistics, and customer service, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. Our focus on innovation, safety, sustainability, collaboration, customer satisfaction, speed and efficiency, integrity, diversity and inclusion, community involvement, and excellence sets us apart from our competitors and drives our success


Shay Perry - CEO

Shay is a Res. Colonel with over 25 years of experience in UAVs, he is also one of the founders of the IDF’s UAV array.

Shay was the commander of a UAV squadron that combines both mid-level and low-level aerial vehicles and is a certified UAV instructor.

The enormous amount of knowledge that Shay accumulated in the military; he has decided to invest in Civilian missions. Shay is a partner in Cando and serves as the VP of R&D. He serves as project lead on complex projects that demand the development of innovative and technological abilities.

Shay has a BSc in Industrial Management with a specialization in information systems and an MBA in Business Administration.

Yoely Or - CO-CEO

Yoely is a serial entrepreneur in diverse sectors and a pioneer in integrating innovative technologies.

Yoely is an Army Reserve General who served as the military attaché and the ministry of Defense attaché in LATAM and served in a series of high-ranking roles in the Israeli Army, including service in the Marines. He has rich experience in managing large and complex multidisciplinary projects.

Yoely has a BA in history and economics and an MBA from the University of Tel Aviv.

Alon Zabuski - CFO

Alon is a Res. Lieutenant Colonel holding a BSc. in civil engineering from the Technion and an MBA in Business Administration.

Alon has rich experience in project management in particular regarding the financial management of large and complex projects in the private and security sectors.

Alon is one of the founders of the company.

Nir Bashan - COO

Nir Bashan is a Res. Lieutenant Colonel with expertise in logistics and supply chain. He led the creation of the IDF’s Supply Center.

He was awarded Project Manager of the Year by the PMI Union in 2020.

Nir has an undergraduate and graduate and degree in Logistics, Economics and Management.

Maxim Levy - CTO and Chief Drone Operator

Maxim is a Res. LT.Colonel with over 25 years of experience in The IDF, Artillery branch and the Airforce.

Maxim was in charge of a unique operations headquarters that conducted it’s main activity with across the range UAV’s. Maxim also led an IDF project establishing the low level coordination between the army and air force.  

Maxim has a B.A in Economics and management and an M.A in political science.

Oleg Shter - Chief Engineer

As a seasoned technology leader with over 26 years of dedicated experience in the area of UAVs, I have developed a strong expertise that spans across various fields, including O-Level and I-Level maintenance, engineering, and management roles. Throughout my career, I have successfully spearheaded large-scale projects and led multidisciplinary teams. My core competency lies in UAV systems engineering and avionics, where I have gained a deep understanding of the intricate workings of UAVs and Ground Control systems. This expertise encompasses a wide range of technical areas, such as aerodynamics, propulsion, avionics, payload integration, and overall system architecture.

Oleg has a BSc in Electricity and Electronic engineering and MBA in Business Administration

Maty Ravinovich - Regulation manager and Main UAS pilot

Born in Argentina in 1982

Living in Israel for the past twenty years, married with three kids.

Involved in the aviation field (as a pilot and UAS operator).

During my career, I’ve worked (until today) for some airlines flying Boeings, Airbus, Embraer and some V.I.P’s aircraft. I’m also flight and simulator instructor.

I have been working in the UAS field alongside my flight career as project manager, flight and theory instructor, test pilot, operation manager and other duties as internal and external UAS operator.

I am still very deeply involved in this field.

In the Israeli Air Force (I.A.F.), I was instructor in the I.A.F.’s UAS flight school.

Today in reserve at UAS-9900 squadron.

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