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Dronery - Looking Up to DeliveriesDronery - Looking Up to DeliveriesDronery - Looking Up to Deliveries
Dronery - Looking Up to Deliveries


Our strategic partnerships with leading companies in the drone and retail industries allow us to offer innovative and reliable drone delivery services to our customers


Cando Drones

We are proud to be the partners with Cando drones LTD, of which we are a subsidiary. This collaboration combines our expertise in drone delivery services with their extensive experience in providing comprehensive drone solutions. As a subsidiary, we benefit from their established infrastructure, industry knowledge, and technical capabilities, enabling us to enhance the quality and efficiency of our operations. Together, we are able to offer a wider range of services and deliver exceptional value to our customers. This partnership strengthens our position as a leader in the drone delivery industry and reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

Rami Levi Retail Group

Our company specializes in drone delivery services, and we have a strong partnership with the Rami Levy Retail Group.

Together, we are working to revolutionize the way consumer products are delivered to customers.

By utilizing our advanced drone technology, we are able to make fast and efficient deliveries directly to customers' homes, saving them time and providing a convenient shopping experience.

We are proud to be working with such a reputable and forward-thinking company and believe that together we will be the pioneers in Israel.



We are proud to have partnered with EHang, a leading provider of autonomous aerial vehicle technology, including autonomous air taxis. Together, we are revolutionizing the way goods and people are transported, providing safe and efficient drone delivery services, as well as autonomous air taxi transportation to our customers. EHang's cutting-edge technology allows for precise and reliable deliveries and transportation, while also reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional transportation methods. With their expertise in the field of autonomous aerial vehicles, EHang has been a valuable partner in helping us achieve our mission of delivering goods and people faster and more sustainably. We look forward to continuing our partnership with EHang and exploring new possibilities for the future of autonomous transportation


We are proud to announce our partnership with Speedbird, a Brazilian reputable drone manufacturer with extensive experience in drone deliveries.

Speedbird has already implemented their advanced drone technology in Brazil, making fast and efficient deliveries to customers.

By joining forces with Speedbird, we are able to bring their proven expertise and reliable technology to our drone delivery services.

Speedbird developed a fleet of high-performance drones that are specifically designed for delivery purposes. Equipped with advanced navigation systems and safety features, these drones are capable of making quick and reliable deliveries.

We are excited to leverage Speedbird's experience and proven track record in drone deliveries to offer our customers the best possible service.

The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin De Rothschild Foundation

We are proud to announce our valued partnership with "The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation." Thanks to their gracious support, we have gained access to their exceptional facilities and expansive ground area for conducting our drone operations, demonstrations and experimental flights. This collaboration enables us to effectively operate and manage our fleet of drones, fostering innovation and efficiency in our delivery and transportation services. The Foundation's commitment to advancing technological solutions aligns seamlessly with our mission, enhancing our capabilities to serve you better. We extend our sincere gratitude to "The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation" for their instrumental role in propelling our endeavors to new heights in the field of drone technology and services.

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